Congratulations to our 4 winners from NGMS that have placed at the state level!

6th grade- Hannah Sytsma
6th grade- Kimberly Hutchinson
7th grade- Cale Rary
Dance Choreography
7th grade- Brodie Mullin

Congratulations to Our NGMS 2019-20 Area 2 Gwinnett County Council PTA Reflections Winners

Listed below are the 2019-20 NGMS Area 2 Gwinnett County Council PTA Reflections Winners continuing to State Competition.  Congratulations to ALL our winners!  NGMS and our community are proud of you and your accomplishments!!

Winners from the Area 2 Gwinnett County Council of PTAs Reflections Exhibit are submitted in December to Georgia’s State PTA by councils and are then considered by division for Awards of Excellence or Awards of Merit.  State winners will be notified directly by the Georgia PTA and will be announced in February 2020.  Award of Excellence entries then go on to represent Georgia in the final National PTA judging round.  National PTA Reflections winners are announced in May.

Visual Arts Council Winners: 
7th grade:  2nd – Joann Kim

Literature Council Winners:
6th grade: 1st – Kimberly Hutchinson; 2nd – Isabelle Paradis
7th grade: 1st – Cale Rary; 2nd – Esosa Ehigiator

Photography Council Winners:
6th grade: 1st – Hannah Sytsma
7th grade: 2nd – Lauren Anderson
8th grade: 1st – Aarya Bhatia

Film/Video Production Council Winner:  
6th grade: 2nd – Christian Blocker
8th grade: 1st – Iliana Hernandez

Dance Choreography Winners:
7th grade: 1st – Brodie Mullin

2019-20 North Gwinnett Middle School
Reflections Winners